Calcium –for bone strength and healthy egg shells

For poultry to be high yielding, good health and strong immunity system of the birds matter most. Calcium plays a crucial role in strengthening the immunity levels in the fowls, helping them stay healthy. Especially, ample calcium levels are important for bones to stay strong, besides ensuring healthy eggshells.

Nourishing with Vaical

For commercial layers, calcium gluconate is the most important source of calcium that helps significantly in fighting fatigue in dry season, nutritional deficiency and osteoporosis.
Vaical, our liquid calcium supplement offers adequate nutrients to keep your birds fit and productive. Containing calcium gluconate, Vitamins D3 and B12, besides ferric ammonium citrate for enriching bones with iron, Vaical keeps birds stronger in any conditions.

Strengthening the shield

The eggshell is the most important protective cover that is mineral- rich and well-structured to act as natural shield against any physical damage or microbial attacks. At least 90 percent of its crystalline layer is made of calcium carbonate, that is much needed in maintaining optimal mechanical strength of the egg. Sufficient intake of calcium through feed is regulated and optimised by vitamin D3, helping hens lay eggs smoother. Vaical consists of a substantial percentage of Vitamin D3, the deficiency of which can lead to rickets or fatigue among egg-laying hens.

Composition :

Each 10 ml contains
Calcium gluconate     4445 mg
Calcium D Saccharate       20 mg
Vitamin D3      8000 IU
Ferric ammonium citrate      835 mg
Vitamin B12     83.5 mcg


Through drinking water of 100 birds
Chicks 2 ml daily
Growers & Broilers 4 ml daily
Layers & Breeders 10 ml daily


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