Animal Health care

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About Us

Vaishno Pharmatek is an independent, family-owned business that was founded in 2015. Our primary goal is to provide essential medicines and supplements to promote the health of livestock. As a fast-growing Indian Pharmaceuticals Company, we market a wide range of pharmaceuticals and supplements that cater to poultry and animal health.

Our competitive advantage lies in our established presence in all major veterinary therapeutic areas. We are deeply committed to our core values and enjoy a close relationship with our veterinary clients.

Our Range of Products

We prioritize the success of our customers above our own. This belief in the importance of customers is at the core of our business, and it helps us to establish trust.

Our products are held to the highest quality standards, and this is not by chance. We make sure to incorporate quality into every aspect of our work, from product development to manufacturing and service.

We refuse to sacrifice quality for anything. Each product and service we offer reflects our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations.

Optimum animal health care with a range of world-class products

As a trusted company, we are committed to full transparency and integrity in everything we do. We keep our promises in letter and spirit. For us, a customer relationship is not about signing a string of profitable deals. It is about being reliable partners in their quest to grow and thrive. It is this commitment to excellence that drives Vaishno forward and makes us indispensable to our customers in their quest for sustainable growth.